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-         Awesome Orvieto: Marvel at the spectacular town and its magnificent
Duomo perched high on a rocky outcrop.

-         Tufa towns: Explore the towns and villages first carved from this rock by the ancient Etruscans

-         Cities of the Dead: Enter the Etruscan tomb complexes and sacred temples built before the Roman Empire.



Depart Passignano at 8:30 am for the drive to Orvieto. Perched high on a plateau with commanding views over the countryside, the city has been colonized for over nine centuries.  Flourishing during the Etruscan period and the over taken and destroyed by the Roman in 245BC, the city had a resurgence during the Renaissance and is home to one of Italy’s greatest architectural masterpieces; the Duomo or Cattedrale della’Assunta begun in 1290. A guided tour of the labyrinth tunnels and secret caves built by the Etruscans has been arranged.   Citta del Tufa is the most important natural and historical site in the area.  This is an Etruscan necropolis (city of the dead) and a walking tour will take you to several Etruscan tombs several dating from the 3rd century BC.  The village of Sovana is so close it is possible to imagine the funeral rites as the Etruscans made their way from the town down roads carved directly into the tufa, to these secret ceremonial places of worship.

 Return to il Borgo between 6 and 7 pm

Price EUR120 per person and includes transportation, guide and admission to Parco Archeologico Citta del Tufa and Orvieto underground caves.


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